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Terra Incognitae


9 of Hearts 02:09
Leucosia 00:49
Hand of Fate 01:03
The Scepter 00:58
Vina del Mar 01:25
Exorcism 01:46
It's Over 01:40


∱∳∤∤⊂ presents.... "Tҽɾɾα Iɳƈσɠɳιƚαҽ: քʀօʋɨֆɨօռǟʟ ƈօռռɛƈȶɨօռ"


(The following document has been transcribed from the original audio to the best of our ability. The transmission was originally received by the USS Coral Sea near the Paracel Islands on 09/01/1981 and was promptly declared “classified”. Although the message was received in 1981, we believe it took a full ten years to send due to the speaker's use of experimental technology. For several decades, we lacked both the reasoning and the technical prowess to properly transcribe, translate, and address the message. As we do not believe time to be on our side, we are declassifying the transcription to the relevant agencies. Please note that there were no issues with the translation, and the following is very much accurate to the tone, vocabulary, and idiosyncrasies of the speaker.)



“Their radiance holds me captive to a primal influence…. draped in its’ violent light, I shudder with a mixture of fear and awe as it’s will slowly encroaches on my thoughts… my consciousness… my… decision-making is… No [Redacted], listen to me, you must listen… we came here through the Ultima terminal *static* provisional connection *static* it welcomed us with a presence most profound… so obscene. The machine in Saqqara warned us of the five ‘arbiters’… warned us of things older than we could possibly comprehend… we could have never imagined what they were guarding. How could we? How could anyone? [Redacted] has suffered an affliction most profound and claims to be receiving clear messages from one of the arbiters in his dreams... these messages do not fill me with hope for what is to come. [Redacted] and the others are borderline catatonic, unable to muster anything beyond the groaning sighs of capitulation. [Redacted] communicates to me through some form of ESP... he has taken to referring to me as 'the speaker'... I have never seen him open his mouth, but I can hear him clear as I can hear the breathing... The things that claim residence in the arctic, the northern archipelagos, the Indian Ocean, and Agartha are not malevolent or benevolent... at least not by conventional definition. They don't have the same conception of reality... of right and wrong... that we do... that we did.... they care not for our wars, our money, the perceived 'rights' of man.... as of now, neither do I. We won't make it back... that much I am sure of. I can see the flag that they planted here several years ago and after a few weeks, the sight of it began to fill me with frustrated amusement. In the throes of my oncoming madness, I spent an entire day laughing at the sight of our prophetic ignorance... our deranged hubris. We don't know their names. I have taken to referring to the one lying at the center of this rock as 'Selene', and [Redacted] has told me she is the closest thing the arbiters have to a leader. He tells me her 'son' rules Agartha below us... while the serpent, the leviathan, and the abomination exert influence on the surface... with Selene inhabiting the satellite above... always watching... this brings me to my first warning: do not dare venture to Ultima as we did. Our unit was simply following orders from [Redacted] and we have been stuck here for nearly XX years. Our bodies no longer require sustenance or sleep, but our madness will soon overtake our conscious thoughts and we will *static* husks *static* servants of them. My second warning was communicated to me by [Redacted] who claims that Selene will awaken both the leviathan and the serpent who have laid dormant for 3200 years. From my understanding, this awakening will occur on [Redacted] and my children in [Redacted] will witness it in their lifetime. I can only assume that by then, my mind will be completely and totally gone... I can only imagine that I will soon resemble the husks I have come to see on this satellite... the first sign of their awakening will present itself as a natural disaster, most likely a tsunami caused by the leviathan rising in the north. The serpent will then rise in either the Indian Ocean or the Pacific, where it will make its way to the coast. The abomination near the Ultima terminal will continue to remain stationary, as is its nature... do not approach it or you will be met with the same fate as my men and I. [Redacted] seems to be convinced that Selene will emerge from the satellite after the 'cleansing' has begun... displaying her ominously gargantuan form to us before she devours our world like she has so many others... merging her form with the Son. As our earth is riddled with skeptics and many others who consider their rationality akin to 'godliness', I can only direct you to [Coordinates Redacted] as proof of my statement. Your leaders may have stumbled upon the Son of Agartha long ago, but in hindsight it was a clear misdirection... you may be asking how/why we have persisted on this rock for almost [Redacted] long years and I can only tell you that we have attempted every possible route of ending our lives. The lucky ones used their guns after seeing the arctic abomination back near Dome Argus... those of us who approached the terminal... about 100 meters in front of the abomination seemed to be transported here, where we attained a twisted form of immortality... every jump, bullet, etc. does nothing and we simply... remain. I would ask for assistance, but I know that the original cosmonauts and astronauts sent here several years ago panicked and scared your agencies out of further exploration. A number of years ago, I watched from a distance as a cosmonaut was mauled by one of the husks... the husks have never approached us, and I believe this is due to the nature of our arrival via the terminal. They have pursued all who have attempted arrival via spacecraft. Your cover-ups were excellent, albeit completely misguided.... well, I guess there was nothing you could've done. Whether you received notice from the space agencies or from us, it makes no difference... it is over. Do what you must, we already know our weapons will have no effect on them... and no bearing on the result.... I would advise evacuation, but I know that is not possible. Tell my children I miss them, for I will soon forget their names and faces. Goodbye."


Editor's Note: We have purposefully masked any key identifiers about the speaker and his fellow named soldier in order to protect their identities, but we can confirm that both are males of European descent born in the 20th century. He uses the words "Ultima" and "the arctic" interchangeably to refer to the continent of Antarctica. We do not know what to make of this inconsistency, as he would have no doubt been aware of the official name of the continent at the time of his and his squads' disappearance. We have visited the location coordinates he provided and confirmed that there is indeed an existential threat posed by the "arbiters". We can confirm that there are four of them in number, referenced by the speaker as:

1 - The Son of Agartha
2 - The Serpent
3 - The Leviathan
4 - The Abomination

However, we are not able to draw any direct conclusions on their relationship to one another. We cannot confirm or deny any prior meetings with the being that the speaker refers to as the "Son of Agartha". We cannot corroborate the existence of "Selene", or the assertion that the moon is some sort of artificial satellite. We also cannot corroborate the information the speaker gave us on our space agencies; we stand by the agencies' statements that social interest and financial factors are the reason for the abandonment of lunar missions. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates accordingly. Travel restrictions to certain areas of the ocean and the arctic have been implemented in order to quell curiosity and prevent unnecessary casualties. Should this information leak to the general public (we are aware of rumors circulating online, we are not concerned about them for now), Contingency 21a will be swiftly enacted. Any questions or requests about this missive can be sent to our offices directly.


ฬђєгє คгє ץ๏ย?
ῳɧɛཞɛ ąཞɛ ყơų?
ωɦε૨ε α૨ε ყσµ?


released October 31, 2022

◈ All tracks produced by 𝓕𝓕𝓛𝓛𝓒 ♔♕ ◈

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